How To Build Swimming Pool Water Feature

What nicer way to cool down the garden but to add a small water feature, and this water feature is super easy to make. Fix cracked or broken pool pipe Sometimes accidents happen, in this case a pipe from the swimming pool to the pump was broken in one place and cracked in another. […]

How To Draw A Caticorn

"Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will be able to find a drawing video that you will love to draw." "How to Draw a Caticorn Easy" Draw So Cute. Cute Girl Drawing Drawing For Kids Doll Drawing Drawing Tips Drawing Tutorials Drawing Ideas Draw So Cute Videos Easy Drawings Amazing Drawings. How to Draw Winter Chibi Girl Cute step by step Christmas Special . Emma Brett. Art. … […]

How To Draw A Bicycle With A Basket

There are various pics regarding with How To Draw A Bicycle Step By Step out there. Our team curate some How To Draw A Bicycle Step By Step. Hope you enjoy it. Our team curate some How To Draw A Bicycle Step By Step. […]

How To Build A Good Magician Sr5

30/07/2017 · How To Magic Tricks! In this episode of How To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV shows How To Do 5 Simple Magic Tricks in historic Boston, Massachusetts! […]

How To Connect To Ac Wifi

Can I connect a 802.11ac Wifi adapter to this network or do I need to find specifically a 802.11n USB ada... Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 174 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. […]

How To Connect To A Teamspeak 3 Server On Android

- Open your Teamspeak and activate the ClientQuery plugin and double-click on the name - A setting window opens, checks the "Open Telnet port for all" and closes the settings again - Right click on the ClientQuery in the list in the Plugins folder and click actualize […]

How To Delete Old Notifications On Pinterest

Mail and Calendar Settings now change in iOS 12 & iOS 11 on iPhone/iPad than the previous iOS. Apple gives the option to add a new calendar in the Calendar app directly and quickly. For that, we need to install the .cal file. Once the file installed, you can temporarily hide/disable or Remove/Delete […]

How To Build A Refrigerated Room

If you’re a DIY fan, or even an amateur mechanic, you might feel like you’re capable of adequately converting a standard light commercial vehicle into a refrigerated van. There are plenty of manufacturers of home refrigerated van conversion kits that are happy to tell you how easy it is. However, converting a van into a refrigerated van isn’t really a suitable DIY project. There are far […]

How To Close Facebook Profile

Facebook definitely allows you to easily communicate with others, but if youre not careful, certain information you would like to remain private can be exposed. Here we take a look at locking down your profile, and how to avoid other annoyances. Privatize Your Profile Facebook is a great way to […]

How To Become A Plus Size Model In Nyc

When I started modeling, I was told at 5-foot-7-inches tall it would prove to be a challenge. Most fashion models were at least 5'9 to 5'11. I would soon realize that the 'fashion modeling' arena is representative of only a fraction of the work available to models in the industry. […]

How To Cut A Mohawk With Scissors

While household scissors will work to trim the Dual Surface Area Rug Pad by Mohawk Home, a heavy duty pair of scissors, like these fabric-cutting scissors, will make it easier. Starting vertically, use the stitching on the sides of the area rug as a guide and cut through the area rug pad. Then, fold back the area rug and cut an additional inch or two inches off the rug pad so that the edges of […]

How To Build A Slab Hut

How To Build A Concrete Slab For A Shed Diy Wood Shed Plans Diy Building A Shed Roof How To Build A Concrete Slab For A Shed Free 8x10 Shed Plans Making A Schedule […]

How To Change From Adwords Express To Adwords

That’s a very good question you asked! If you can just see a Tool Icon similar to the one given below in the upper right corner of your account. Click the same & Select the option Return to previous AdWords. There you go.!! You’ve successfully cha... […]

How To Clear Cache Wow

Post by CalaelenDT To get rid of saved data, such as cached NPCs for the NPCScan addon. EU Servers are down, as the thread "EU Servers down all day" would've told you. […]

How To Draw A Lotus Flower In Illustrator

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a Lotus Flower in Adobe Illustrator. We'll use some basic tools (Ellipse, Direct Selection, Pencil, and more) to draw lotus petals and leaves. […]

How To Build A Keyhole Garden

Here are the basic calculations. The image in the spreadsheet wasnt the measurements I used, its just for a visual reference. One of Leroys biggest reasons for making this garden was to grow the flowers for his wedding, I consider it a success. […]

How To Download Addons Onto Minecraft

Add-ons can change the look and behavior of anything in Minecraft. And the key here is that you don’t need to go and download a bunch of extra software or tools to start making your own content […]

How To Add A Window To A Pc Case

Reactivation is also easier in case you reinstall Windows 10 or need to transfer your license to another computer. So, the benefits of the Microsoft Account are significantly advantageous. […]

How To Create A Sorority Name

If there was one Greek cookie that just says "Christmas," melomakarona would be it. Though the name is hard to pronounce, melomakarona are not very hard to make—and they're delicious. […]

How To Delete Yahoo From Your Computer

Re: How do I delete a stock from my watchlist on an Apple computer @Ted46 You'll want to select the tickers using the checkboxes on the left, then click Delete Symbols at the top. […]

How To Add Streaming Live Video To My Website

Generally, video servers that provide these types of services for live streaming video are not free, and charges can vary by the number of visitors to your web page or websites … […]

How To Ask Applicant Go Beyond

Questions that go beyond the applicant's qualifications, even if they appear neutral on their face, can be discriminatory if they require the disclosure of information that may be found to […]

How To Clean A Dead Box Turtle Shell

Box turtles, by definition, have a moveable hinge on the lower shell that allows them to retract inside the shell and then completely close up, leaving no flesh exposed. (See how it works here.) American box turtles can be beautiful and personable pets. […]

How To Delete Auto Backed Up Photos

To make sure everything is being backed up to OneDrive, and the quality of your backed up photos, go to Settings > Backup > photos + videos. There you have a few options on what you want the […]

How To Build The Avengers Tower In Minecraft Speed Biuld

How To Build Fence On Minecraft How To Build Wood Fences Pressure Treated Wood Fence Panels Building A Shiplap Fence Cat tower I place high importance on the detailed and elaborate instruction provided from your plan as the basis of the company's quality. Personally, being a visible person, I've found illustrations staying a huge help too so that also happens with regard to one of the […]

How To Remove Hard Drive From Asus Desktop

Send the damaged hard disk drive to ASUS Service Center for Hard disk drive failure servicing. Replace with a new hard disk drive. Replace with compatible memory modules. Page 42 Contact the ASUS Service Center Contact the ASUS Service Center for assistance. If the problem still persists, refer to your Desktop PCs warranty card and contact the ASUS Service Center. Visit the […]

How To Break Google Logo

Getting a job at Google as a non-coder is impossible, right? Wrong. Here are five ways to break into one of the world's top companies, no matter your background. Wrong. Here are five ways to break into one of the world's top companies, no matter your background. […]

How To Draw A Lion Dance

This remarkable book represents the first attempt to teach the joy of drawing a very specific subject: the Chinese lion dance. Beloved for centuries, the lion dance has brought joy … […]

How To Delete Songs From Iphone Ios 7.1

I have an iPhone 4S on 7.1.1. Bastion. The 15 Most Annoying Things About iOS 7 for iPhone How to Remove the Apple Music & Connect Tabs from iOS 8.4's Music App How to Downgrade Your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to iOS 6.1.3. If you've had your iPhone, iPad, or iPod for quite some time, then you may be running low on space. You may These directions focus on deleting songs in iOS 8 and/or iTunes […]

How To Download Spotify Songs To Mp3

Step 3 Download and convert Spotify music to MP3 Click 'Convert' button within AudFree Spotify Converter to let it begin to remove DRM and convert those Spotify songs/playlists to MP3 format losslessly and instantly. Once converted, you can locate the DRM-free Spotify music files as MP3 in the history folder and then transfer those songs to any media player or MP3 device, like Apple iPod, […]

How To Speak Fluent English Free Download

Play and Listen best app for learning english adroid http bitly learnenglishandroid best app for learning english ios http bitly learnenglishios learn english with beglobal is a free channel LEarn English Fast - How to Speak English Fluently and Naturally u2714 Mp3 […]

How To Draw A Scale Diagram Of A Room

Draw ascale diagram ofthe room with a I I scale of1:150. 1:150 means that the lengths on the diagram . 6m must be 150 times smaller than those ofthe 11.-.. ~~-==-=-==--~~==--=:lI" actual room. We need to divide by 150. 9m =900cm so the diagram length is'900cm-+ 150=6cm. 6m =600cm so the diagram length is600cm-+ 150=4cm. gm The scale drawing isas shown. 6cm./'/'\~ryr-yr-~ It IS easier to […]

How To Know If You Carry Meningococcal Bacteria

Meningococcal disease. Meningococcal is a rare but life threatening disease. Antibiotics to treat meningococcal are available but the disease progresses rapidly so visit a doctor promptly. […]

How To Connect My Epson Xp 235 To Wifi

Setting up your printer as a shared printer To share a printer with other computers on an AppleTalk network, follow the steps below to configure the computer […]

How To Clear Pimples Off Your Face

12/11/2018 · Make sure you take your makeup off your face before you go to bed. The makeup collects dirt and bacteria very easily. Go to a dermatologist/expert if your acne persists. If you cover your pimple with makeup, choose carefully. Makeup often traps oil and dirt, especially if it contains moisturizers. Use a hypoallergenic makeup, an oil-free makeup, non-comedogenic products, or a … […]

How To Make A Spreadsheet On Google Drive

In other cases, you may want to convert Excel to Google Sheets. Heres how. If You Already Have The Excel File In Google Drive . If your Excel XLS is already in Google Drive, it is easy to convert it to Google Sheets. First, right-click on the file in Google Drive. Next, choose Open with and then choose Google Sheets. Your spreadsheet will now be converted to Google Sheets. Convert Excel To […]

How To Use An Impact Wrench To Change Tires

12/04/2007 Torque needed to change a tire? However, you must not use an impact wrench to tighten lug nuts unless the socket is connected through a torque-limiting extender, which is a sort of twisty, springy rod that keeps the wrench from tightening the nut too hard. Lacking this, you should use a proper torque wrench, which is a measuring instrument, or just a sensible amount of torque on a […]

How To Become A Black Disciple

You might be thinking that being a disciple is the same thing as being a Christian and you are right to a certain extent. I say to a certain extent, because I think that the idea of being a disciple goes beyond what most people think of as being a Christian. That should not be true, but I am afraid it is. We become Christians the moment that we place our faith in Jesus Christ. We cross from […]

How To Build Pull Out Drawers For Kitchen Cabinets

Throughout the years, adding roll-out drawers to existing kitchen cabinets, vanity, or laundry rooms, has been a rather lucrative venture. Every cabinet design presents a different method of fabrication and installation to make these drawers work properly. […]

How To Create Dynamic Columns In Crystal Report

This document explains a way to create manual cross tab reports using SAP crystal reports for enterprise. Normal cross tab reports created from cross tab expert lack some features like alerts, sort, drill down etc. So in scenarios where cross tab reports with such features are required, we can go for manual cross tab reports. […]

How To Become A Sheet Metal Worker

Average Sheet Metal Worker Yearly Salary in Ohio Sheet Metal Workers earn an average yearly salary of $48,180 . Salaries typically start from $26,250 and go up to $73,630 . […]

How To Cook Fettuccine With Shrimp

Melt butter in large skillet. Add onion, bell pepper and cook until tender (15 to 20 minutes). Add flour. Cover and cook 15 minutes, stir often. […]

How To Create An Event On Facebook Youtube

When your event is about to begin, start streaming from Pearl-2 to YouTube (this will only be visible to you until you make it live in YouTube). Use the Start and Stop buttons (or the Stop All and Start All buttons) to begin and end the stream when you like. […]

How To Become Phr Certified

Watch video The Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) Professional of Human Resources (PHR) certification is the industry standard. If you're interested in PHR certification and the exam process, this course is the place to start. Joanne Walters reviews the exam format and the six major topic areas: business management and strategy, HR development, compensation and benefits, […]

How To Draw Angry Birds Space Lazer Bird

Buy costumes online like the Rovio Angry Birds Space Lazer Bird Adult Costume from Australia’s leading costume shop. Fast shipping, amazing service. Fast shipping, amazing service.

Dress up as your favourite Angry Bird in this great costume! […]

How To Break In A Powerlifting Belt

On my 60th birthday, and after 40 years of weight-training, I decided it was time to retire my 35 year old leather power-lifting belt and splurge on a new one. […]

How To Eat Like A French Person

28/10/2014 · We all know the stereotype—French people, especially women, are thin and beautiful. Arriving for study abroad in Paris, the perfect silhouettes and faces around me were no surprise, but after a few days of dining in the city, I started to wonder. […]

How To Clean My Cookies

25/09/2016 · Just I am showing you How to clear cookies And Delete temporary files in windows 7-8-10 In Hindi just you type window + R = Run then type all step by step I have only 8 step and clean Your … […]

How To Cook Rack Of Lamb In Oven

Preheat oven to 200C. Cut six slits, 2cm deep and 2cm long, into the lamb. Press one piece of garlic into each slit. Place the lamb in a large roasting pan. Sprinkle evenly with rosemary and drizzle over 1 tablespoon of oil. Season with salt and pepper. Roast in oven […]

Callrail How To Delete A Phone Call

CallRail is a phone call tracking and analytics platform that helps businesses understand which marketing campaigns are delivering valuable phone call conversions. […]

How To Create Automated Number List In Numbers

The next invoice you create will have the next number in the series. I suggest you put a shortcut to the Invoice Template on your Desktop, so that you can create invoices from there. To do this right click and drag to your desktop and select Create Shortcut […]

How To Draw A Hu

How to Draw Criminal Tattoo leírása. Features: >> each drawing is divided into a number of steps which are easy to follow. >> starting from a few lines, you’ll end up with a complete picture. […]

How To Clean High Shine Floor Tiles

Ceramic tile does not need wax or other substances to shine. For special occasions when a very shiny floor is necessary, use a floor buffer . In addition, use a microfiber buffing cloth on the machine and employ it slowly along the floor. […]

How To Add Mod Ark Server

8/04/2018 · Hello, So Ive recently created an ark server and everything works pretty good so far. But i was wondering, is it possible to add mods to a server? i wanted to add the mod […]

Shivr How To Bring Down Taskbar

That will place a Quick Launch toolbar on the far right of the taskbar. It also includes the "Show Desktop" button that is missing from the Windows 8 Desktop.If you want to move the Quick Launch […]

How To Delete Search Bar History Internet Explorer

10/04/2008 · Best Answer: tools, delete browsing history and then u can choose what to delete from there of if you have the google search bar if you click on the drop down arrow theres an option at the bottom to delete the history […]

How To Add Dash Above E Mac

The Qantas Entertainment app is compatible with most phones and tablets running Apple iOS9.3 or above, or Android 5.0 and above. Your device ^ will also need to support 802.11n or 802.11ac Wi-Fi with the ability to set your device to Flight Mode. […]

How To Make Text Become A Variable

Recently, I had a professor ask me how to take a string and convert it to an R variable name on-the-fly. One possible way is: One possible way is: x - 42 eval ( parse ( text = "x" ) ) [ 1 ] 42 […]

How To Add People To A Phone Call

Start by making a phone call and wait for the party to answer. Tap the Menu icon. Tap Add Call. Enter the number or find the contact that you want to add to the call, then call them. Note: When the second person answers, the original call will be put on hold. Tap the Menu icon. You can merge the calls into a 3-way call or swap between 2 calls: Tap Merge to begin your 3-way call. When you merge […]

How To Connect Audio From Tv To Computer

13/08/2010 · No sound via HDMI output when connecting laptop to TV Original title: HDMI Laptop to TV - No Sound Up until a few weeks ago it worked well: I simply connected the HDMI cable between my laptop and TV and got both the audio and video on the TV (After selecting the right AV channel on the TV). […]

How To Draw Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces now includes a new free DLC item in the form of a 'Sanic the Hedgehog' t-shirt, alluding to the popular Internet meme that first appeared in 2010. […]

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe How To Change Camera View

It's such a sight to behold, and a bit saddening that Mario Kart 7 and 8 are just boring in comparison. I'm not saying I dislike Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! I've spent dozens of hours on it, and heaps of time on 8 (Wii U) when I was a kid, but when you get back into Mario Kart DS, MK8(D) isn't that fun. […]

How To Cut Properly Bodybuilding

Athletes preparing for bodybuilding competitions strive for the most muscular and hardest look they can possibly achieve. This involves several months, or years, of building muscle, followed by several weeks of a restricted diet and cardiovascular training in an effort to reduce body fat to the […]

How To Clean Gemstone Jewelry

Since each gemstone reacts differently to chemicals, heat, and even water, it pays to learn how to properly clean your gemstone jewelry. […]

How To Build A Secret Underground Room

The secret underground treasure room is where Dan and Trayaurus put their treasures and keepsakes from their Custom Mod Adventures. The items are put on display in a small area for each adventure. The secret underground treasure room took Dan a few weeks to construct and it is now an impressive sight. The underground treasure room is accessible from a pressure plate in Trayaurus' office. The […]

How To Connect Fuji Xerox Printer To Network

P-touch label maker that can be used on Windows and Mac platforms, and even mobile devices to create labels over a wireless network. This makes the PT-P750W an ideal group label printer for industrial and business environments. […]

How To Close Add On Mx Player

Top How To Tips. 7 things Amazon Echo can do that Google Home can't. Google Home -- equipped with Google Assistant -- may have crashed the smart-speaker party, but it still has some tricks to […]

How To Change The Clock Face On Android Home Screen

Discover the top 100 best clock faces apps for android free and paid. Top android apps for clock faces in AppCrawlr! Android. Android; iOS; Discover by. Audience ; Objective ; Categories ; Android iOS. Best Android apps for: "clock faces" Best Clock Faces apps for iOS Filter by: Free customization options home screen customer service lock screen different colors Analog Clock Wallpaper/Widget […]

How To Cut And Sew Six Pieces Skirt

The style of the skirt is laid in the name itself (six pieces gown) you need to model six pieces. It is difficult to find a better option than the skirt of six pieces! This style is very simple to model, cut, and sew for one day. At the same time, the skirt is suitable for almost any figure, because this model smoothly fits the hips, creating a refined silhouette and falling downwards with […]

How To Create Your Own Facebook Group

If you’re the creator of a Facebook group, you’re automatically its admin, or administrator. Additionally, you can be added as an admin of someone else’s group. After you have members in your group, you can use the group member list to remove (and even permanently ban) undesirable members […]

How To Cook Brown Rice For One Microwave

Our website searches for recipes from food blogs, this time we are presenting the result of searching for the phrase cooking brown rice in the microwave. Culinary website archive already contains 1 061 463 recipes and it is still growing. […]

How To Draw 3d Letters Graffiti

How to Draw 3D Letters. Arts & Crafts for Children 3-6 Years Old. How to Draw Bubble Letters. Drawing Graffiti Letters. If you're new to the art of graffiti, you'll want to practice with pencil on paper first. Then, you can try canvas or cardboard before moving up to using paint on walls. Giving yourself time to practice allows you to develop your own style and come up with a tag. You'll also […]

How To Become A Customer Success Manager

Setting Expectations with Customers, Becoming a Customer Success Leader, and The Difference Between Customer Success and Account Management By Chase Tinkham Newsletter Jun 16, 2017 No Comments on Setting Expectations with Customers, Becoming a Customer Success Leader, and The Difference Between Customer Success and Account Management […]

How To Draw Ellipses Freehand

These quarter lines can help a lot when freehand drawing an ellipse. The line drawing of the sugar bowl (right) was more complicated because of the lid and all of the edges. In this case, I used the grid method to help capture the curves of the ellipse. […]

How To Change Having To Click Y To Talk

Although you may know that having “the talk” with your teen about sex and HIV, STD, and pregnancy prevention is important, having a series of discussions that begin early, happen often, and continue over time can make more of a difference than a single conversation. Be relaxed and open. Talking about sex, relationships, and the prevention of HIV, STDs, and pregnancy may not always be […]

How To Clean Shower Floor With Bleach

Home > Bathroom Flooring > 45 Fresh How to Clean Bathroom Floor with Bleach Sets > Elegant How To Clean Bathroom Floor With Bleach Best Of Mold In The Shower A Little Bleach Would Go A Long Way To Fix Than Awesome How To Clean Bathroom Floor With Bleach Ideas Inspirations […]

How To Cancel Smule Piano Subscription

Relax your soul with beautiful sounds of piano while playing your favorite tunes on original #1 piano rhythm game. Featured by TIME, New York Times and Apple's Best New Apps. […]

How To Create Separate Footers In Word

Therefore, the users of this version of Word are left wondering as to how to gain that flexibility with regards to separate headers and footers on certain continuous or non-continuous pages. However, this does not mean that you cannot insert dissimilar headers and footers on every page of a Word document . […]

How To Format A Hard Drive From Boot

This may be something simple I have overlooked, but my attempts to find this information have failed. I have a computer running Vista. The hard drive is slow and really too small. […]

How To Draw A Simple Bird Flying

DayZ – Release Trailer - Developer & Publisher Bohemia Interactive – Directors David Durčák & Eugen Harton – Producer Eugen Harton – Designer Peter Nespešný & Dean Hall – Programmers Filip Doksanský & Miroslav Maněna – … […]

How To Play Prison Break Gmod

Start the Prison Break game with clicking "we go tonigh" section. Use space bar to jump and arrow keys to navigate. When you come near the spaces you can click down button to cling, up button to climb. If you want not to smite from the guardians you can use shift button with arrow keys. But be … […]

How To Call Us From France

To call abroad from France first dial 00, then the country code, then the telephone number. Here are a few country codes: Australia 61, United Kingdom 44, Ireland 353, United States 1, Brazil 55, Canada 1, China 86, Germany 49, Israel 972, Italy 39, Japan 81, Mexico 52, Portugal 351, Spain 34, Sweden 46, Switzerland 41. To reach an international operator, dial 00.33.12, then the country code. […]

How To Buy Idm Serial Number

Buy Internet Download Manager 1 PC Life Time License online at best price in India. Shop online for Internet Download Manager 1 PC Life Time License only on Snapdeal. Get Free Shipping & CoD options across India. […]

How To Connect To Airport Wifi On Android

Here is the guide on how to connect Android to PC via Wifi for Contacts transfer using Backuptrans: Step 1. Run Backuptrans Contacts Sync on Android phone Run Backuprans Contacts Sync on Android phone and click Connection button to get the Wifi connection info. Note: If you haven't installed Backuprans Contacts Sync on Android phone, please go the to Market (Google Play) on your Android […]

How To Become An Ai Technician

Benefits of Apprenticeship. The skills required for many occupations are best learnt by combining learning through work. This is the heart of an apprenticeship; it is the intertwined learning and working relationship that makes apprenticeships unique. […]

How To Create A Will Online Free

Make a last will and testament online. LegalZoom last wills include advanced provisions to safeguard your family and are backed by a $50,000 guarantee. LegalZoom last wills include advanced provisions to safeguard your family and are backed by a $50,000 guarantee. […]

How To Cut Coil Springs On 4wd Car

Coil Springs ARB designs an extensive range of Old Man Emu coil springs for each vehicle, using state of the art micro-alloyed spring steel to ensure superior resistance to sagging and corrosion. With such a wide range on offer, coil springs can be better matched to your specific load requirements and intended vehicle usage. […]

How To Draw Slenderman Background

How to draw The SlenderMan. Learn how to draw The SlenderMan step by step: Step 1 Draw the sketch form of your character. Step 2 N ow, add a anatomy on top of the forms and shapes of step 1. Step 3. Add clothes and the hand details. Step 4 Optionally, to a more realistic drawing, make shadow efects with a 6b pencil or other pencil of your choice. Postado por Thiago Sousa às 20:36. Enviar por […]

How To Connect Case Speaker To Motherboard

I have the link you sent me and I used a print out of it when I moved all the components to a new case. With the old set-up the pc runs fine, its only when I put my new video card in. […]

How To Draw And Shade With Pencil

Blending. Some people like the texture of the paper showing through, but I find you get the best shading results by blending. A blending stick is a small tube of tightly rolled paper that lets you smooth out pencil shading. […]

How To Get Your Dishwasher To Clean Better

OK, now that you’ve covered the “why” behind cleaning your dishwasher, let’s get to work. Here are the steps you should do every six months to keep your appliance in tip-top shape. […]

Final Cut Pro How To Pause On A Frame

Final Cut Pro 'Edit Every Frame of Life'. 89 likes. *Learning editing is like visualising your picture in your own way. . . . . .! Aesthetics same but... […]

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